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The Tavern’s menu


We would welcome any party starting from 15 members to have feast as it is an excellent choice for holding parties. Anyone wishing to visit us or to have a special offer, please contact us by phone or email at least 5 days before.

The Tavern’s menu

Lady of kitchen will create a menu that will satisfy your needs!

All dishes are inspired by medieval cuisine!

Menu at Pilgrim house

Pilgrim’s meal 11 € per person It is a simple and modest meal monks could afford. It is customary to eat in complete silence, only signs and symbolic gestures are allowed in order to express thoughts and feelings. Eating takes place according to the medieval tradition in the right healthy order. In addition, we say prayers, hear stories about the medieval table manners and eating habits.

  • Munk’s Lentil Dish
  • Selection of Goat Cheeses
  • Black Rye Bread
  • Boiled Egg
  • Ginger Cookie
  • Spring Water
  • Herb Tea
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