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The weary pilgrim or just tired people can now stay alone or with their family in our medieval house. We have set up two rooms, which are connected by a common kitchen, where you can store takeaway food or prepare delicious dishes yourself. In the kitchen it is possible to use a refrigerator, a stove, a kettle, a coffee machine and cutlery. Both rooms have a wonderful view of the castle ruins.

Overnight stay does not include breakfast!

To book a room go to!

  • Innkeeper’s chamber

The innkeeper’s chamber is a cozy room where you can relax. The furnishings and nature of the room help you travel back in time to the back room of the inn. A night in the innkeeper’s room is made more authentic by the inn’s lively atmosphere and the aromatic smells of the dishes being prepared. In the room there is a wardrobe, which is at the disposal of the guests, and one extra bed where a friend who came from the inn can rest. The room has a wide bed (DBL) and a narrow bed (SGL). The room has a toilet and a shower corner.

  • Merchant’s chamber

The merchant’s chamber seems to have been created for the weary merchant who wanders with a pleasant companion. Inspirational and noble thoughts can easily arise in the merchant’s chamber, because the room offers a wonderful view of our castle ruins. In order to have a pleasant time and enjoy the moment, we recommend that you buy the “Klarett” wine from the lord, and if the merchant likes it, they can take it with him to the wide world. The room has a wide bed (DBL). The room has a toilet and a shower corner


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