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Pilgrim house


Pilgrim House in Medieval Theme Park presents medieval lifestyle related to pilgrims and pilgrimage. Thanks to the interactive exhibits and visual displays, visitors are able to experience what the medieval pilgrims felt, feared and loved. In addition, various medieval sacred places are presented and most popular pilgrimage destinations are introduced. Holy Cross Chapel in Vastseliina was one of the most famous destinations in Northern Europe. Enrich your medieval experience with the cooking and tasting the food that was eaten by pilgrims long ago. While wandering Pilgrim House you discover serious difficulties and pleasures pilgrims encountered on their arduous journey. Moreover, you can distinguish from your own experience between the rich and poor pilgrims’ lifestyles while sleeping at different beds.

Like other people at that time, the pilgrims were never protected from illnesses, therefore various treatment possibilities are presented. Medieval board games can be played which were common for pilgrims to kill time. We offer a range of interesting workshops influenced by the medieval times and pilgrimage. You can choose between making real wax candles or learning writing in a quill pen, used in the past. In the end, visitors are able to sightsee the holy shrine, the location of  Holy Cross Chapel, and light a candle for a sign of repentance or make a wish. For further information about Pilgrim House please contact us by email

Pilgrim’s journey


The Estonian Pilgrim Route begins at Pirita Convent and ends at Vana- Vastseliina. Thanks to the friends in Pirita, Estonia has its own pilgrim route. The Estonian pilgrim route passes through the important places in Estonian cultural history via narrow remote paths from one sanctuary to another. Pilgrims on their way run into old mansons and chapels, small cemeteries and also local museums and Estonian heritage conservation areas. If you are interested, you can find more information about the pilgrim routes on the homepage.

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